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DaVinci Resolve #2 - How to create and switch database?

All change to the database must be done inside the software, it is safer, easier, and it will help avoid future issues with your projects.

Step 1:

To create a new database you’ll need to open the database manager, if you haven’t already done so, by clicking in the upper-left-corner icon.

Step 2:

Click the New Database button located on the sidebar.

Step 3:

In the New Database dialog select “Create” at the top, and “Disk” at the Type options.

* PostgreSQL is used to create a shared database, which I’ll be covering in more detail in the future.

Step 4:

Choose a name for your new database. * The name of a database accepts only lowercase letters, standard numbers, and “_”. It does not accept uppercase letters, space, or symbols.

Step 5:

Choose the location where you want your new database to be saved.

* The folder where you save your database must be completely empty, otherwise an error will occur.

Step 6:

Click "Create" in the database dialog.

The new database will now appear on your sidebar.

To switch between the databases you just have to choose the database you want to work on.

TIP: To get rid of a database, right click and choose disconnect.

If you still have any questions, please, comment bellow and don’t forget to check it out my other posts about database:

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