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DaVinci Resolve #3 - How to backup and restore database?

Whenever you update the software or install a new version, you’ll want to backup all your projects in case there are any problems with the new version. Like I explain in my article Understanding Database you can only update your projects to a newer version, never to an old version. You might also want to regularly create a backup for safety, to avoid losing your work due to any mishap. You can do that directly in the database sidebar.

Step 1:

Select the database you want to backup.

Step 2:

Click the backup button.

Step 3:

Choose the location you want your backup to be saved, click save, and confirm backup.

When you are done, you’ll find a .diskdb file at the folder of your choice. The backup contains your entire database.

Step 4:

To restore it, you can just click the Restore button to open and use the database.

That's it!

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